Area of Concentration

The general area is Information Management, which focuses on phenomena related to the core processes of information management, with the ideal of determining, exploring, understanding and explaining such phenomena. The program encompasses two lines of research:

Organization, Representation, and Mediation of Information and Knowledge

It investigates the theory, methodology, and practice of production, communication, and representation of information and knowledge. It develops studies related to information access, mediation, and preservation, and it examines the training and performance of information specialists. It is structured in three main topics: Knowledge Organization and Preservation; Information Production and Communication; and Information Professionals, Information Literacy, and Reading.

– Knowledge Organization and Preservation


Dr. Cezar Karpinski

Dr. Eva Cristina Leite da Silva

Dr. Lígia Maria Arruda Café

Dr. Marisa Brascher Basílio Medeiros 

– Information Production and Communication


Dr. Adilson Luiz Pinto

Dr. Rosangela Schwarz Rodrigues

Dr. Vinícius Medina Kern

– Information professionals,  Information Literacy,  and Reading


Dr. Clarice Fortkamp Caldin

Dr. Eliana Bahia Jacinto

Dr. Elizete Vieira Vitorino

Dr. Miriam Vieira da Cunha 

Information, Management, and Technology

It investigates the processes, environments, services, products, and management systems of information and knowledge, through interdisciplinary approaches on the management, production, storage, transmission, access, security and evaluation of data and information in the most diverse media, in view of the sustainability of organizations. It applies and develops intelligent and forward-looking techniques and technologies and revolves around two main topics: Information and Technology; and Information and Knowledge Management.

– Information and Technology


Dr. Angel Freddy Godoy Viera

Dr. Douglas Dyllon Jeronimo de Macedo

Dr. Enrique Muriel-Torrado

Dr. Márcio Matias

Dr. Moisés Lima Dutra

Dr. Ursula Blattmann

– Information and Knowledge Management


Dr. Ana Clara Candido

Dr. Gregorio Jean Varvakis Rados

Dr. Marli Dias de Souza Pinto

Dr. William Barbosa Viana